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Great Achievements and Great Numbers.
150 chicks/hen, 1.45 FCR

Who We Are

Arbor Acres Plus was introduced to the South African Poultry Industry in June 2006 and supplies parent stock to the broiler/breeder market. Arbor Acres Plus established itself as one of the most competitive breeds in South Africa.

As one of the core Aviagen commercial brands, product development is firmly focused on meeting the current and future needs of the global chicken market. Through a progressive breeding and selection programme, Arbor Acres products have been developed to serve the multiple demands of markets around the world.  

Technical Services

AASA commitment to field service of existing flocks to optimize genetic potential for customers.


Close relationship with customers

• Farm visits. 
• Benchmarking. 
• Training of personnel. 
• Nutritionist specialist visits.
• Veterinarian specialist evaluations.
• Technical support for breeders, broilers and hatchery.


Access to latest technology

• Thermal images for poultry. 
• Ventilation, smoke testing.


Farm visit objectives

• Assess product performance evaluation.  
• Benchmark farming practices with industry. 
• Share knowledge gained from internal training and experience in the domestic industry.
• Identify problems and propose improvement plans.


Follow up visit objectives

• Develop, monitor and evaluate progress on an agreed flock improvement plan. 
• Evaluate economic benefit from improvements made.

Visit Aviagen for Arbor Acres manuals and other documents.


Our Contact Details


48 Pres. Steyn Avenue, Westdene, Bloemfontein 9301,
Free State, South Africa
P.O. Box 6854, Bloemfontein 9300, Free State, South Africa

Office Phone:

Tel: +27 51 011 0025


Marlie van Ronge
083 289 9142
Preferred method of contact via e-mail please!

Working Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 07:30am – 16:00pm
Friday: 07:30am – 15:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Public holidays: Closed

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